RDA novice how to choose? Drops of oil atomizer what are the common problems?

RDA novice how to choose? The common problems in di atomizer have? For electronic cigarette enthusiasts, little of course not holiday program, steam to meet for discussion between friends party. In this period of time in between all the different kinds of small party, there are many friends has just come into contact with the RDA will ask endless doubt, there are a lot of finishing the following a few small summary today, hope to help you solve questions in the heart, enjoy the pleasure of RDA will bring you.

RDA products myriad, how to choose?

First you have to know your purchase demand, need to show the amount of smoke or oil smoke flavor. Now of 22 mm and 24 mm. RDA products, in most cases it is type of RDA will be within the scope of the 22 mm in diameter, and the smoke volume of RDA side of products within the scope of the 24 mm, of course, this is just a general principle.

Choose good after the diameter size, you can start thinking about double or single, RDA can be used in single single filaments to achieve high quality experience, filaments smoke enough to make up for the traditional single coil saturation conditions and enhance the sense of particles.


Want to smoke, must be started RDA?

The answer is “not necessarily”! For IDA, because under the influence of structure design are generally have greater than RTA air inflow and atomization space, but it doesn’tRepresentative must need big smoke introduction RDA, RDA also can because of taste or smoke positioning and design of different structure, and in the past 2016 years has sprung up quite a lot of big smoke RTA, RDTA products, their ability to make fog has been less than the taste of regular type of RDA.

Under the influence of inlet design, how to choose?

Whether it’s at the bottom of the inlet, side inlet, the top of the inlet, mixed type inlet, their purpose and consistent to heavy machine internal pipe air take smoke to cool the coil at the same time. All kinds of inlet has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as:

1, The inlet at the bottom of the suction resistance is relatively smooth and comfortable, but often can not handle because of the drops of oil well and lead to the oil (RDA also leak? Yes!) ;

2, Lateral inlet at the bottom of the design to avoid the leakage of embarrassment, but comfort than inlet at the bottom of the suction resistance.


RDA has storage space?

Many friends pay attention to this problem, the RDA is dripping oil atomizer, it can have the storage space? In the structure of RDA, it even have storage space, is a form of “temporary storage”. For RDA its real storage space on the cotton at the ends of the coil, so you will find that many of the smoke is larger parameter to the circle diameter 3.0 since 3.0 and 3.5 cotton to be 2.5 times the circle diameter size.

Of course, there are friends will ask, see some of the game is spent at the bottom of the RDA, cotton pad with significance for improving the storage. RDA of small internal platform used to load the smoke oil this way of thinking is not reasonable, or have the idea of friends rather than directly buy RDTA more practical.

Oil can be directly from the suction nozzle for lazy people drip?

The answer is not certain, usually RDA suction nozzle diameter is large enough to direct oil drip into the smoke, the RDA, but some of its special structure such as rh, pharaoh below the suction nozzle with frying oil structure, such as the drip directly (RDA). There are some special structure, such as electrode column, inlet structure special RDA cannot drip directly.

Double column coil production, of course, than the four pillars of independent lock to a little trouble, these all need to look at their own choice, but using the traditional open drip of aprons, tight if happen, please note that before using the aprons embellish xiao xu smoke oil for lubrication, if that has failed to solve, please change a size for your RDA base more suitable aprons.


What kind of output host RDA should supplement?

Here not to discuss mechanical waste. General regulating host is enough to use RDA in theory, but there is the question of whether or not to good effect. Taste type using 24 or 26 g double RDA, resistance within the range of 0.2 to 0.35 these section, so even a single electric host, 35-50 w output requirements can be king.

RDA is more than just about novice how to choose? Drops of oil atomizer what are common problems related to introduce, through the above a few problems, has been involved in many aspects of daily RDA, may not be comprehensive, perhaps took some subjective color, but can be used as a reference before the introduction to some of the RDA.