Dead Rabbit V2 Juice Review

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA continues to be one of the most sought after electronic air lines in the market today. The new V2 has a lot of unique features not seen on other models and is well worth the money spent on this product. The original version introduced back in 2004 had a lot of good reviews but it was out of stock for a long time, forcing people to wait for it to be restocked. This delayed the release of this model for many consumers who bought it expecting to have it in their hands quickly. It finally came out in May of 2009.

dead rabbit v2

The main differences between the first dead rabbit v2 and the second are the build quality, which has been upped by way of an aluminum body instead of the traditional brass. There is also a larger sized screen and the coils are now at a 25mm diameter instead of the usual 16.5. These changes have increased performance and decreased backlash. The overall build quality and performance of this updated version is on par with other electronic RDs like the smoking.

The new version also has new and improved features compared to the original. One of the biggest changes is the deck design and the cooling system. The deck has been completely redesigned and now features a two-post design. This allows for much easier and faster to draw rates even with a low wattage build i.e. with a lot of wattage you will now draw less wattage thus increasing battery longevity.

The new improved square post holes for coil installation with honeycomb airflow makes this unit very efficient. The box mod also has two standard set back plate options, a black or a blue one. The adjustable top side diagonal honeycomb airflow is another feature that adds efficiency to the dead rabbit v2 and is probably the reason why it is being considered the best.

The other major improvement in the dead rabbit v2 is the new and improved dual screen setup. The standard unit only allows for single screen operations but this one allows for dual screen operation and this is probably one reason why many people prefer it over the original. The dual screen configuration allows you to use your mod on a full scale atomizer while it only works as a device to produce steam for steeping e-juices and such. I think that this is a very clever way to maximize vapor production without needing to use a huge and bulky vaporizer.

The build deck of the hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda is something that I personally love. It is made out of thermoplastic which is an extremely hard and durable plastic material. This allows for a lot more flexibility and massaging on the lips of your favorite flavors. You will be able to find a lot of different builds that have different number of slotted coils, but for me I feel that the two slotted coils in the middle are just fine.

The standard positive pin and bf squonk 510 pin included in the box of the dead rabbit v2 is something that I really like. The standard positive pin included with the V2 is well designed and is a decent quality rubber sleeve. The upgraded version though comes with an insulated quality silicone sleeve that fits snugly on the side of your RTA and gives you some more room to grip the insides.

The post holes are big and noticeable on the RTA. The RTA only has one post hole but the V2 has two post holes that are smaller. The larger of the holes on the RTA cover up the holes on the v2. Both of these negatives affect the ability to clean your dead rabbit v2, but in my personal opinion they are nit picky things. So in the end I think overall the negatives of this e juice are pretty minor.