Dead Rabbit Sticker and Adapter Bag

dead rabbit v2

dead rabbit v2 RDA is the newest member of the popular Dead Rabbit line, the upgrade version of the original model. It’s a full 25mm diameter, with precision machined knurling and a tight fit top-fill design for your 5 gallon minimum Juice Reserve capacity. This version has a larger filter basket for more filtering capacity and includes a larger airlock for better filtration. The larger filter basket has a new, slotted filter basket ring that is easier to remove and clean for a clean look.

The original version used a small, narrow air channel to allow just enough air flow to circulate for efficient juicing. But we all know that efficient juice extraction requires more than just a narrow stream of air to keep it moving. For optimum results, our internal air pressure must be at least five times greater than the atmospheric pressure at our peak inhaling pressure. The dead rabbit v2 is equipped with a dual cooling fan that runs at full speed to maximize air flow throughout the entire unit while simultaneously reducing the temperature of the inside surfaces to keep the juices at just the right cold point.

The airtight housing and pre-installed preloaded coils on the outer walls of the original dead rabbit v2 ensure that the unit will have a tight seal around your coil wire. However, you can expect some leaking if your airflow is quite restricted or if you’re using a larger than normal sized coil. For optimal juicing performance the two outermost coils should not only be equal in length, but they should be aligned parallel to each other and touching an empty side of the deck. The innermost coils should also be parallel to each other but placed deeper in the deck. If your deck is not lined with vented rubber or metal coils, then you may experience some leakage from the coils as the suction pressure is less than ideal.

As mentioned above, the innovative airflow design used in the Dead Rabbit V2 allows for the incorporation of multiple widths of decking. This maximizes the surface area available for active circulation. The wider layout also increases the overall surface area, which means that the Dead Rabbit II can process more juice in less time. The wide deck will also facilitate the inclusion of various other extra features including stainless steel side plates that can be used to catch any overflow from the juicer. A unique, adjustable mesh basket is also included for additional juicing convenience.

One of the newest innovative features found on the dead rabbit v2 is the side secured via Velcro setup. This side secured airflow control utilizes two snap hooks located at the very top of the dual slotted front airflow control panel. These snap hooks are actually spring loaded side clips and can be easily detached and replaced with another clip. The side secured via Velcro feature is great for ensuring that the airflow is well spread across the entire exterior surface area.

The Dead Rabbit V2 also incorporates an interesting new innovative piece of hardware called the dead rabbit sticker. The dead rabbit sticker is actually a sticker that is placed on the rear of the dual adjustable airflow options found on the front of the unit. It is designed in such a way that it can be removed quickly and easily and replaced with another dead rabbit sticker should you wish. While it is technically not a “sticker,” it can be considered a unique and useful part of your dead rabbit v2 system because it can be used as a convenient way to access the two separate air vents on the front of the unit.

There is one other major difference between the original version and the v2 model. The original version only included two of the two available air intake stations while the v2 offers a eight10 drip tip which makes this machine more versatile and efficient than ever. You can even use the original version’s side air vents to cool down your computer systems if needed. The v2 has also upped its ante by introducing a high performance digital, programmable variable voltage IC thermideribration sensor. With a program like this, you’re dead rabbit v2 can maintain constant temperature readings all day long, every day.

All in all, though, there isn’t much of a difference between the original version and the v2. That’s because they are both high performing dead rabbit v2 machines that are suitable for almost any purpose. So if you are looking for a good quality, durable, and versatile air conditioner that can be used in industrial settings or just at home, then you will have no trouble finding the right one. You just need to keep in mind that the dead rabbit v2 might be a bit more expensive than the original version but it will save you a lot of money over time. Plus, you get a very useful dead rabbit sticker and adapter bag as a bonus.