AEGIS Boost Review

The Aegis Boost features the ASICS technology that is exclusive to AEGIS products. The Aegis Boost can be used with many electronic devices such as digital watches, iPods, PDAs, guitars and many more. The unique feature of the Boost is that it does not use a coil but it utilizes a unique dual coil system that allows you to use all the power you want without draining your battery like most other devices do. The Aegis Boost has a variable wattage up to forty-five watts and has a variable airflow control, a great feature for an electronic device. It also comes with a fifteen-second adjustable airflow control and a three-level smart auto shut off.

The AEGIS Boost can be obtained in a standard Black finish or with a royal blue body and mod finish. The body is both shock resistant and fire resistant. The jackaroo pod kit is included in the price of the AEGIS Boost. The jackaroo pod kit is designed to fit every AEGIS style of airsoft pistol, which makes it a universal fit.

The design of the Aegis Boost means that it is extremely durable, making it a long-lasting vaporizer that will last for a long time. This vaporizer has an easy-to-use controls panel and a large illuminated screen that give you excellent visual accuracy when determining the wattage, temperature and other vital information. When you are done choosing a vaporizer, the Aegis Boost will allow you to save wattage, change resistance levels and even add a cool, crisp airflow control to the vaporizer. The unique combination of a vaporizer with a vaporizer means that you can use the Aegis Boost without having to use two vaporizers.

The main negative to the AEGIS Boost is that it is only available in a standard size. If you are one of those people that need a bigger vaporizer, then you may have to look elsewhere. However, if you want something small enough to carry with you then the AEGIS Boost is a perfect choice. The user manual is very helpful in pointing out exactly how to use the vaporizer and the features it offers. The increase in size may be worth it though because it is a little more compact than the original AEGIS.

The AEGIS Boost comes standard with high quality cotton wires that are wrapped in a thick layer of high heat elastomer. The outer cover is flexible so that it easily stretches to fit most wires and batteries. The wires are covered in a gold-colored exterior to provide a visually appealing finish. The outer cover also provides a firm grip on the unit, which makes it easy for the user to control the temperature.

In addition to the high quality materials used to make the AEGIS Boost, the company has used high performance ceramic chips and precision machined screws to assemble the entire kit. The data also doubles as a potentiator and a power enhancer for the AEGIS. The AEGIS kit includes a remote control and a rechargeable battery with a built in charging station. Like the original AEGIS, the kit is compatible with both spring loaded and push button controls.

The AEGIS Boost also comes with a charging system that is similar to the Jackaroo Modular. This charging system allows the user to utilize their AEGS even on batteries that are dead, or in a low charge state. This charging system can be used on most electric bladed devices and even on a life battery that is dead.

The AEGIS Boost also includes a unique pod which allows it to be used with the Jackaroo Modular. The pod acts as a power source, allowing the user to enjoy their AEG without using a cigarette. This makes the AEGIS Boost a much better electronic device in terms of performance. Some of the best features of the AEGIS Boost include a high quality remote control, a rechargeable battery life, a built in charger, and the ability to use it with dead batteries and on electric bladed devices.