AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – The Upgrade You’ve Been Looking For

The GeekVape AEGIS Batteries Review will cover the Aegis Boost Pod Mod. The Aegis Boost comes with a built in clock system and features a triple battery voltage adjustment, variable wattage between six and forty-eight watts and a variable airflow control with a side air damper. The unit also has a front airflow port that allows back draft or positive airflow without increasing dry vapor production. This system also has a large dual battery pack that can handle a lot of use, allowing for a constant stream of charging and use.

aegis boost pod mod

The aegis boost has a very unique and futuristic look to it, which is very cool and futuristic looking, and matches well with the many other mods and vapors that are on the market. The idea behind these is to take what you love about your existing devices, and to adapt it to be portable and to be a little more streamlined. Most vaporizers have a great base design and a great wattage output, but they do not always incorporate a great design for the atomizer.

The aegis boost does this, and does it incredibly well. The geekvape aegis boost has a fantastic aegis clip that allows you to easily and conveniently change out the wick and the refillable pod. There is a large window on the front so you can clearly see the wick and the coil, which also make the task much easier to refill. There is a stainless steel snap on the bottom of the unit that helps with tightening and removing the entire cover when needed.

One of the great features of the aegis boost pod mod is the ability to use the included “charge meter”. This works similar to a power meter, which measures the actual power used to power the device, as well as the kilowatt-hour rating. This information is displayed on a screen on the aegis boost pod mod, so you can easily compare a new charge with your last one. The advantage to using the charge meter, instead of a readout on the box, is that you do not need to concern yourself with remembering how much power was used or if the battery needs to be replaced, and you can just simply insert the charge meter into the power input on your AEG.

The aegis boost pod mod has a neat little feature that allows you to adjust the wattage and the coils in the AEG when the batteries are low. You simply swap the coils in the AEG to increase the wattage, and the power levels are immediately adjusted. The downfall to this feature is that the power levels will be reset to their low state if you turn the volume up very high, so be careful when changing these settings. It can also be a problem if you add or remove a coil at a time where the battery life is at it’s lowest, because the battery will shut down completely. Another negative aspect is that the power levels are only adjustable by moving a wire from a different location on the AEG to the + and – buttons, making for a rather inconvenient change.

The ability to add a digital display screen is another great feature of the aegis boost pod mod kit. This allows you to quickly see your wattage and other performance statistics without having to read the numerical data from the manual. The display screen is easy to read and provides a decent amount of information. One issue with this mod is that it requires the use of a USB cord to attach the mod to your PC, and then you must have a display screen hooked to your laptop. This can be a major disadvantage, especially for people who do not want to carry a separate display device while they are away from their PC.

The final part of the aegis boost pod mod kit is the adjustable airflow control. This is an important part of the mod because it allows you to craft a personalized airflow experience, much like using a vaporizer. If you are someone who enjoys a strong hit from a flavorful e-liquid, then the ability to adjust the airflow will be a huge plus. It is a minor disadvantage, however, if you don’t enjoy the strong vapor that a potent e-liquid produces, this adjustable airflow control may not be worth the cost.

Overall, the aegis boost pod mod is a great addition to any e-juice collection. The low price, high quality, and ease of use of this product make it a great choice for most vapers. If you are looking for a simple and affordable upgrade to your existing vapor equipment, the aegis boost is a great option. These units can be purchased direct from the company or purchased on a website and delivered directly to your home.