Advantages of VOOPOO Nicotine Replacement Pods

Made to replace a regular box mod by being thinner, lighter and easier to carry the voopoo Vibrant Mod Pod is certainly a game-changer. Despite being only a tiny 0.9 inch TFT screen, the Voopoo Vibrant Mod Pod can be a powerful mod. It can fire off to all levels of power, with extreme voltage regulation for your atomizer and everything in between. The Vibrant Mod Pod is truly a product that will change the way you think about vaporizers. The ease of use is superb with no hassles or hassle to fiddle about with. Even better is the extremely low voltage output, so you won’t be left burning through your bank account on expensive mods.


You can also use the Voopoo Vibrant Mod Pod without a screen. If you’re uncomfortable pressing the power button this way then you can use the included magnetic charging cable for hands free operation. Just like the regular vapes, the Voopoo utilizes a standard 3 pronged electrical connection. This makes it easier to install and even safer to handle. You simply connect the three wires to the corresponding terminals on the unit, power up and you are ready to fire away.

The VOOPOO RV Kit is capable of shooting up to forty watts. The wattage is adjustable and can be changed without having to dismantle the device. Most units will have a front power light to make it easy to see when changing the wattage. A large LED screen will be installed on top so you can clearly view your settings. There is even a very useful alarm that sounds once the wattage has been reached.

The VOOPOO RV Kit comes complete with everything you need to create your own personal customized e-juice. You can choose between three different sizes of pods: small, medium and large. A convenient part that doubles as a charger is also included. You can use it to power any electronic device whether you’re using it inside or outside the vehicle.

The VOOPOO pod kit comes in three different sizes to accommodate all your needs. The smallest size is the “micro”, which holds only six doses. The larger size is the “large micro”, which holds ten doses. The “large” size is the most powerful, along with being the heaviest. All the pods fit easily into theVOOPOO RV kit because it is manufactured from durable heavy-duty plastic.

The VOOPOO Pod requires two standard AA size batteries (included) to power all the three sizes of pods. You can actually replace the batteries in the original box, if they are beginning to show signs of damage. Each individual pod holds three doses of e-juice, so you will always have an extra supply. The VOOPOO pyrithione sulfate is the main component in each pod, and the zinc alloy is what gives it the red color. Each individual pod is easy to load into the VOOPOO RVs, and there is an added weight for stability.

In order to get the most out of your VOOPOO experience, you should always be aware of the quality of the product. There are many reputable online retailers who offer high quality products at affordable prices. These retailers are able to save money because they do not have the overheads associated with the actual manufacturer. When you purchase a VOOPOO VOIP phone or plan, it is essentially purchasing a phone and service plan all in one, which is great for budget Conscious persons. However, it is important to know that VOOPOO does not include any phones, or any plans associated with them. If you want additional information on any additional features, or extras, you should contact a VOOPOO authorized service center.

The VOOPOO VIA pack comes in two flavors; strawberry and chocolate. Both of these flavors have been created specifically to appeal to each individual person. If you prefer strawberry flavor, then you will like the chocolate flavor. If you prefer menthol flavor, then you will enjoy the strawberry flavor. The idea behind these flavors is that you should not need to purchase extra coils, because they are universally compatible with the VOOPOO Vaporizer System.